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The key to longevity lies in a personalised approach to health.

Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond generic solutions. With our tailor-made approach, you benefit from care tailored to your specific needs.

Our care and services

Our aim is to improve the health potential of each individual over the long term by combining the following areas.

Icone analyse biologique

Biological analysis

Biological exploration offers a valuable window into the complex mechanism of your metabolism.

The markers studied reveal essential data, providing precise insights to optimise your well-being…

Sports and therapeutic massages

These tailor-made sessions are designed to release tension, improve circulation and speed up muscle recovery.

Give your body the attention it deserves with sports and therapeutic massages…

icone olfacto-thérapie


Olfactotherapy, the subtle art of healing through scent, blends harmoniously with haute parfumerie, where exquisite fragrances come to life with handcrafted precision. This sensory journey goes beyond simple aromas, becoming an intimate expression of your identity…

Icone évolution de votre composition corporelle

Evolution of your body composition through bioimpedance analysis

More than just the numbers on the scales, this analysis reveals your muscle and fat distribution, giving you a complete picture of your body…

Icone nutraceutiques & Compléments alimentaires

Nutraceuticals & Food supplements

The impact of food origin and quality on health is undeniable. Nutritional value plays a crucial role in managing stress and determining our longevity. By taking a holistic approach to nutrition, we strive to optimise your vital functions…

Icone bilan & Profil nutritionnel

Assessment & Nutritional profile

The methodical exploration of metabolism reveals strategic ways of improving vitality, in particular by limiting the impact of heavy metals.

Your diet then becomes fertile ground for making informed nutritional adjustments…

Clinic in TCM, functional nutrition & acupuncture, medical Qi Gong, pharmacology and immunology

Optimise your bodily well-being with regenerative treatments such as acupuncture, and develop an in-depth understanding of your metabolism through a thoughtful analysis of your terrain (the state of your internal organs)…

Regenerative medicine & epigenetics

Explore the world of epigenetics and realise the potential impact of this discipline on our lives. By studying changes in gene activity without altering the DNA sequence, epigenetics opens the way to a profound understanding of cell biology…

Icone analyse du microbiome

Microbiome analysis

Explore the fascinating world of the microbiota, an essential health trend that encompasses a complex ecosystem of bacteria, viruses and fungi organised into specific microbiomes. The intestinal microbiome, for example, is home to a multitude of micro-organisms in perfect symbiosis with our bodies…

Sen'Su - Agora Integrative

Regenerative medicine & epigenetics

Explore the world of epigenetics and realise the potential impact of this discipline on our lives.

By studying changes in gene activity without altering the DNA sequence, epigenetics opens the way to a profound understanding of cell biology. But its influence does not stop there.

By becoming aware of this dimension, we are being encouraged to rethink our lifestyles. From our consumer choices to the way we travel and think, epigenetics underlines the importance of concrete changes for our well-being.

Dive into this fascinating exploration, where science meets the potential for personal and societal transformation.

Discover our team

At Sen’Sù, our diverse team brings together unique talents, each making a special contribution to your overall well-being.

Working closely together, we take a holistic approach to offering you complete care, both inside and out. Beauty emerges when you are in harmony with yourself, and it is this harmony that we strive to cultivate.

Simon Reboh - Sen'Sù

Simon Reboh

Simon Reboh, PhD, CEO & Founder - Clinician expert in micronutrition, functional nutrition, pharmacology, phytotherapy, medical Qi Qong and Chinese medicine

With a doctorate in Chinese medicine and a master’s degree in pharmacology, Simon Reboh combines expertise in personalised formulations with functional nutrition. Her medical practice is based on a holistic understanding of human physiology, seen as a complex web of interactions where neurobiology, endocrinology, immunity, toxicology and physical dynamics are interwoven.

This integrative perspective, nurtured by a demanding education, has forged a method in which epigenetics and nutrition are harmoniously combined. Driven by curiosity and a desire to take on new challenges, he has embraced entrepreneurship and research into epigenetics and photobiomodulation.

Certified in micronutrition, he also incorporates medical Qi Gong, phytotherapy, clinical pharmacology and diathesis homeopathy into his expertise, forging links between various life science disciplines. His involvement in the field of regenerative medicine illustrates the fusion of these diverse skills, offering a holistic vision of individual well-being.

A true pioneer with a clear vision, he founded and runs Sen’Su SA, a multi-disciplinary integrative centre specialising in functional nutrition and Chinese medicine. His entrepreneurial approach, coupled with his passion for health, sets him apart as a driver of innovation in an ever-changing medical sector.

He is constantly striving to improve the quality of life of our patients.

Allison Richard

Nutritionist - ASCA Certification

Convinced of the therapeutic effectiveness of diet, she provides individualised advice, favouring a made-to-measure approach.

Her dedication is evident in the development of tailored, healthy nutritional plans.

Aurélie Multari

Naturo & Massage Therapist, Specialising in lymphatic drainage - ASCA Certification

These gentle sessions eliminate toxins and swelling, providing deep relaxation. As a traditional massage practitioner, her personalised treatments are also reimbursed.

Naturopathic advice is also available to enhance this well-being service.

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